Around the Drums with Triplets – Book 1

by Paul Capozzoli (1979)

What is Around The Drums With Triplets about?

Around the Drums With Triplets is a book to help you develop your drum triplets around the Drums. It also helps you read triplets and is not a solo book.

My Opinion About the Book Around the Drums with Triplets

This book by Paul Capozzoli is a pretty old book and is considered a classic. This is actually the third book that I have ever read as a drummer. My drum teacher brought it to me after I finished a basic book about reading called Elementary Drum Method. If you have a basic knowledge of how to read drums, then you can read this book. Before I started reading this book, I remember that I was not so good at reading music around the set. Once I finished this book, I was much more comfortable reading music for around the drum set, and I was able to do triplet fill-ins really well. It is important to note that this book is Hand Written. Meaning it was written before computers were used to write out nice fonts. Some people have a hard time reading the book for this reason. However, This is one of the reasons why I wrote a book very similar to this one.

What I was able to do after I finished the book:

  • I was able to read “around the drums” type of music better.
  • I was able to use triplets on my own and make up my own stuff.
  • I was able to use triplets as fill-ins while actively playing a beat , like the rock beat.
  • It helped my coordination a lot
  • I also remember suddenly being able to read ahead. Which is a valuable tool that enables you to read about a measure ahead of yourself while playing. You kind of think the beat before you perform it.

There are other books that you should consider if you enjoy this book or want something similar. One book I should probably recommend is the book called: Triplets Around the Drum Set: Around the Drums with Triplets, only because I am the writer of this book and I kind of took the idea from Paul from this book and remastered it by rewriting the book my way using more contemporary font and making it easier to read. Additionally, Paul’s book is only 32 pages long and has far less material than the one that I wrote.

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List of books that have replaced this book and are better in the sense that it covers more material:

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