List of Snare Drum Rudiments that begin with – I

Invert Cheese Patty
Invert Flam Fours
Invert Patty
Inverted Book Report
Inverted Cheese
Inverted Cheese Flam Tap
Inverted Cheese Flama Chuck
Inverted Cheese Flama-Diddly
Inverted Cheese Paradiddle-diddle
Inverted Double Paradiddle-diddle
Inverted Dragadiddle
Inverted Flam Double Paradiddle-diddle
Inverted Flam Drag
Inverted Flam Drag-a-poo
Inverted Flam Parafladdle-diddle
Inverted Flam Tap
Inverted Flam Tap Paradiddle-diddle
Inverted Flama Chuck
Inverted Flama-Diddly
Inverted Flama-Singles
Inverted Flamacue Drag
Inverted Inverts
Inverted Paradiddle
Inverted Paradiddle Patty
Inverted Parafladdle-diddle
Inverted Swiss Grinders
Inverted Tap Flam Seven
Inverted Threes
Inverted Triple Stroke Roll
Irish Five

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