List of Snare Drum Rudiments that begin with – S

Same Hand Chatachichi
Same Hand Cheese Paradiddle
Same Hand Five Stroke Herta
Same Hand Flam Accent
Same Hand Flam Paradiddle
Same Hand Flam-Flam
Same Hand Paradiddle
Same Hand Reverse Paradiddle
Same Hand Single Flammed Mill
Seven Stroke Roll
Seven Stroke Ruff
Seventeen Stroke Roll
Shirley Murphy
Side Cheeseadiddle
Side Flamadiddle
Single Backs
Single Drag Tap
Single Dragadiddle
Single Flam Drag
Single Flammed Mill
Single Paradiddle
Single Ratamacue
Single Stroke Five
Single Stroke Five (with Upbeat Accents)
Single Stroke Five-a-Flam
Single Stroke Flam Five
Single Stroke Four
Single Stroke Nine
Single Stroke Roll
Single Stroke Seven
Single Stroke Six
Single Stroke Three
Six Stroke Roll
Six Stroke Ruff
Sixteen Stroke Roll
Slurred Drag
Slurred Eleven Stroke Roll
Slurred Fifteen Stroke Roll
Slurred Five Stroke Roll
Slurred Four Stroke Roll
Slurred Fourteen Stroke Roll
Slurred Nine Stroke Roll
Slurred Seven Stroke Roll
Slurred Seventeen Stroke Roll
Slurred Six Stroke Roll
Slurred Sixteen Stroke Roll
Slurred Ten Stroke Roll
Slurred Thirteen Stroke Roll
Slurred Twelve Stroke Roll
Swiss Army Triplet
Swiss Cheese
Swiss Double Paradiddle
Swiss Flam Drag Flam Tap
Swiss Grinders
Swiss Kick
Swiss Pug
Swiss Tap Drag
Swiss Triple Paradiddle
Swiss Tu-Chada

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