How and why classical musicians feel rhythm differently

COMMENT RESPONSE VIDEO HERE: Support me on Patreon! Rhythm is treated very differently in classical music from the sharp precision that other musics might require - it's organic and fluid. Recognizing this difference and being sensitive to the nature of rhythm itself in different contexts is important if you're trying to bridge gaps between different styles of musicianship. I recognize also that I come off as pompous and harsh sometimes with my critiques of - the musicians who played on inside//outside's record were absolutely phenomenal and had to learn and record the music in a very short amount of time. What they did was, quite frankly, incredible, and of the highest professional standard. Hear inside//outside here: Follow me on the internets http://www.instagram/its_adamneely Peace, Adam

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5 Subtle Ways Pros Can Tell if a Drummer’s “Legit”

For years, I've been pushing back against the idea that the only thing differentiating great drummers from mediocre ones is chops. But it's not even just chops and groove. Musical pros know - there's a whole suite of "soft" skills that influences who they call for the gig and who they don't. From learning songs quickly, to keeping the "1" even when the beat shifts, it's not enough to have chops when people are trusting you to play their songs in front of an audience. 3 Videos in 3 Weeks - Matt Garstka's Jaw-Dropping New Video - Steve Smith's VF Jam - Entertain Me - Tigran Hamasyan - Red Hail Part 1 - Tigran Hamasyan -

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Five Drum Setups You SHOULDN’T Copy from The Greats

3 Videos in 3 Weeks - I get it. Kits in the '80s looked awesome. Tommy Aldridge. Simon Phillips. Neil Peart. Whether it was sky-high cymbals, subterranean throne heights, or practically-vertical rack toms, drum setups were ludicrous, and we loved it. But, with advances in ergonomics, and (my theory) more people playing into old-age and paying attention to posture and mechanics, we're learning that a lot of those crazy, quirky setups of the '80s...weren't very good for your body. How do I know? Even *those guys* don't play those ridiculous kits anymore. For five tips to avoid repeating the mistakes of our drum heroes (when they were in their 20s), just watch.

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Buddy Rich Bangs on Drum

Is Buddy Rich a Banger?

I must say that he is "Buddy Rich" and he deserves the respect that he is, in fact, a great drummer and is also known as one of the greats. But there is one thing that I feel nobody speaks of in the discipline of percussion/drumming. If watch it well and really listen in. Most of it is speed and banging.

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Drummer Reactions – Tony Taylor Jr – MAJESTY Performance @ NAMM 2018 – Gateway Jam

Please watch: "40k Subscribers Praise - " --~-- Drummer Reactions Guys! This Was Crazy Tony Taylor Jr and his band Went Off!!! Majesty Performance @ Gateway Jam NAMM 2018 original video - subscribe for more YouTube videos: Here's All My Gear. :D Ring Light- Rode Mic- Web Cam- Sony 50mm lens- Sony A5100 Vlog Cam- Drum Sticks- Canon T6i Camera- Gaming Chair- My Foot Pedal- My Snare Drum- Gaming Desk-

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