These are videos that are about drum rudiments. They talk about how to play the NARD Snare Drum Rudiments, PAS Snare Drum Rudiments, and also Hybrid Snare Drum Rudiments. Also, inside of this category may have videos that are generally about rudiments.

Single Stroke Roll – Every Drummer Must Know this – D Mark Agostinelli

Learn the Drums - Drum Lessons by D. Mark Agostinelli. This video explains how to properly play the Single Stroke Roll. The SIngle Stroke Roll is considered one of the most Important Drum Rudiments and the Most Basic. Evenly-spaced notes played with alternating sticking. Though usually played fast, even half notes with alternating sticking would be considered a single stroke roll.

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The Five Stroke Roll Drum Rudiment

Learn How To Play The Five Stroke Roll. The five stroke roll is a powerful rudiment based off the double stroke roll. Unlike the single, double, and triple stroke rolls may suggest - this rudiment does not have alternating groups of five strokes per hand. Instead, it is made up of two double strokes, and a single.

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The Flam Drum Rudiment

This Video demonstrates how to Play the Flam Drum Rudiment. Flam Drum Rudiment Defined from the Dictionary: A drumbeat consisting of two almost simultaneous strokes of which the first is a very rapid grace note. (Music, other) a drumbeat in which both sticks strike the head almost simultaneously but are heard to do so separately.

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