The Five Stroke Roll Drum Rudiment

Learn How To Play The Five Stroke Roll. The five stroke roll is a powerful rudiment based off the double stroke roll. Unlike the single, double, and triple stroke rolls may suggest - this rudiment does not have alternating groups of five strokes per hand. Instead, it is made up of two double strokes, and a single.

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The Flam Drum Rudiment

This Video demonstrates how to Play the Flam Drum Rudiment. Flam Drum Rudiment Defined from the Dictionary: A drumbeat consisting of two almost simultaneous strokes of which the first is a very rapid grace note. (Music, other) a drumbeat in which both sticks strike the head almost simultaneously but are heard to do so separately.

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Why Every Drummer MUST learn how to READ Drum Music!

D Mark Agostinelli, the author of the bestseller, “The Drum Rudiment Bible” explains what the biggest catastrophe is, when it comes to new drummers learning how to play the drums. He explains how learning how to read is one of the most often overlooked aspect of playing the drums. He also offers a list of some great books for learning how to read and becoming a better drummer. The Drum Rudiment bible has over 460 Hybrid Rudiments. Some which are very rare the book is the largest of its kind. His book can be found at most book stores including Amazon

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