D. Mark Agostinelli Playing the Drums Micheal Jackson – Billy Jean

Daniel Mark Agostinelli Playing the drums to Billie Jean. Great drummer. RIP Michael. Snare Drum playing very well.

This is a pretty old video. A while back D. Mark Agostinelli was being visited by a couple of old friends. He was asked if he can play any song in existence. His response was that; yes, he can play any song theoretically.

Playing the rock beat over and over on the drums.

He further explains:

When you play the drums today, as long as you know the basic rock beat, you can essentially play “most” music that is considered pop music that exists in the United States, along with most of the rest of the world. The rock beat is used in nearly all songs around today. There are about 31 beats in existence today. However, only one of those beats are worn out to this extent, and it is the Rock beat. Once you know the beat, you can can play most songs with confidence. It’s adding fill-Ins or decorating the beat that becomes the new challenge.

As you might have guessed, Billy Jean; is a rock beat!

The real joy in playing the drums, is not playing what you know; but trying to play something you don’t know,

D. Mark Agostinelli

It’s important to keep challenging yourself on the drums. Don’t just play what you already know. Don’t play the same thing over and over again.

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