Deliver Us, from Prince of Egypt – Drum Cover by D. Mark Agostinelli

D Mark Agostinelli is having fun playing Deliver Us, from Prince of Egypt – Drum Cover by D. Mark Agostinelli

Practice playing music over other recordings. If you have never tried this, then you are missing out. It is loads of fun, and can seriously increase your percussion/drumming development. Not only, does it exercise your hands and wrists (playing over other artists music/recordings), but it also teaches you new techniques that you may not have realized before you tried this. All of this happens in the back of your mind without even realizing it. If you play over tracks (of other artists) like this, after only a few months, you will become a better drummer.

If you are interested in learning about rudiments; then check out this book.  It is the largest collection of drum rudiments inside of a single book.  It has the basic 40 rudiments; plus an additional 460 “Hybrid” rudiments, which are typically overlooked.  Some are easy and others are extremely hard to play.   Even D. Mark Agostinelli himself has difficulty playing some of the extremely advanced rudiments. 

D. Mark Agostinelli is the man who defined the art of the modern rudiment. Writing the “Drum Rudiment Bible” he was able to create the first book that incorporated all known hybrid rudiments in existence. Studying with such greats as the legendary Mike Sgroi, and travelling around the world, in places as far as Central Africa; Mark learned incredible technique for both hands utilizing drum rudiments. D. Mark Agostinelli is known as being one of the most influential music educators of his time through his devotional dedication to the art of rudimental drumming.  He has significantly contributed to the art of drumming and percussion by researching and developing one of the most inclusive books on the subject of drum rudiments.  Before Agostinelli conducted his research; there was no “One Single” source to pull from for “Hybrid” rudiments.  Hybrid rudiments were originally shared by drummers showing other drummers, and the only way that you could obtain/learn a new hybrid rudiment, was if someone showed you.  This made it incredibly difficult to learn new rudiments; especially if a student did not have access to a person that new them.  Hence, Agostinelli enormously expanded upon a branch of knowledge within the percussion/drumming field of study, by creating “The Drum Rudiment Bible” which will forever contribute to the society of drummers and percussionist around the world.

“This is the largest collection of drum rudiments that has ever been compiled in one book. This book includes the original 26 NARD rudiments plus the PAS 14 rudiments and over 460 Hybrid Drum Rudiments. This book will help you if you are a beginner or if you are an advanced player. A lot of the hybrid rudiments are interesting and fun to play! This is a perfect book if you are interested in shaking up your studies if you feel like you have hit a development plateau. There is something for every drummer or percussionist inside of this book. It will help you, if you play any kind of Percussion, because it helps develop coordination and creativity.”Says JazzTown Percussion Publishing House  

The Drum Rudiment Bible: 500 Rudiments Beginner to Advanced; Check out “The Drum Rudiment Bible” on Amazon

Inside - The Drum Rudiment Bible by D Mark Agostinelli
Inside – The Drum Rudiment Bible by D Mark Agostinelli

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