The Double Stroke Roll – Learn to play it Crazy Fast

The Video Explains how to play the Double Stroke Roll, which is considered the second drum rudiment. It is played by striking the Drum Head 2 times on each hand. If you perfect this rudiment it is possible to speed up to the speed of a buzzroll.

Check out the History of the Drum Rudiments

When playing the double stroke roll drum rudiment, start off really slow. If you are right handed you always start with your right hand. If you are left handed you start with your left hand.

How to play the double stroke roll drum Rudiment?

The doubles stroke roll snare drum rudiment is played simply by hitting the right hand two times followed with the left hand two times. You start off really slow, and evenly. Gradually speeding up until you have mastered it and it sounds like a buzz roll.

How to play the Double Stroke Roll Drum Rudiments

Time needed: 30 days.

1-3 months.

  1. Start by holding one stick in each hand

    When you hold the sticks, hold them in a matched grip as apposed to holding them traditional style. The reasoning behind this, is that, holding them matched will give you an advantage in the long run for speed and control. The only time that you want to play traditional is if you are being required to hold them that way by maybe a marching band or some kind of group that requires this based on how it looks. The Double Stroke Roll Drum Rudiment - taken from - The Drum Rudiment Bible

  2. If you are right handed then you use your right hand and hit the head two times.

    Evenly spaced and with the same dynamics (loudness)

  3. Then hit the head two times with your left hand.

    Once again evenly spaced with even dynamics.

  4. Then repeat this over and over.

    A person with their eyes closed should not be able to tell if you are using your right hand or your left hand. It should all sound evenly spaced and maintain an evenness in volumes and dynamics. The speed should stay steady and consistent.

  5. Continue to practice every day or every couple of days for a few minutes a day.

    Every time you practice it, you should aim to play it faster and faster. Most importantly, maintaining the evenness. You May notice that as you try to push faster, there will be a point when you feel like it is breaking or toppling over. That means that you broke it, and you need to slow down until you get a little better. You won’t be able to play it faster without practice. It will take a few months to build up. Never play a broken Rudiment. Always slow it down to the point where you are just riding that fine line of it being even and steady and just about to break.

  6. Turn it into a buzz. (Close the roll)

    Eventually, after playing for a number of months. You will hit a point where your hands cannot physically move fast enough. At this point, you should attempt to learn how to bounce the stick two times. This is called closing the drum roll. This is where you do one motion with your hand bouncing the stick two times, “and only two times” in one stroke. You do this by loosening and tightening your fingers to a sweet point, where if you were too loose, the stick will bounce 3,4 or 5 times. If you hold the stick too tight, the still will bounce only once or even once and a half meaning a solid hit with a little hit after. Once you perfect this, you will be playing the double stroke roll like a professional.
    Good luck.

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The Double Stroke Roll Drum Rudiment - D Mark Agostinelli Drum Rudiments
The Double Stroke Roll Drum Rudiment – D Mark Agostinelli Drum Rudiments

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