Have you seen one of your videos embedded on this website?

Are you wondering why your video is on this Website?

The mission of this website

The reason why this website was created was to become a one-stop resource for Drummers and Percussionists to learn their craft. So they can gather information about what books are good to learn from. What videos to watch that will teach them well. Also, I want it to become a community where others can comment and share their thoughts on the subject.

What I originally attempted to do and rapidly realized.

Originally, I attempted to make videos on the rudiments myself. I rapidly realized that I was not very good at this. I have a better skill set in other areas. I have written a few books on the subject and I wanted to contribute more. After making some of my own videos I realized that others do it better than me. I figured that YouTube creators are always trying to gain more exposure and try to get more views and subscribers. So I can help them by sharing their videos on my site.

What is a YouTube embedded Video?

A YouTube embedded video is a video that lives on the YouTube Platform. When a video is embedded it is not transferred onto my hosting platform. It is only a link back to YouTube. The creator still gets all of the views and subscribers. If the Creator is participating in a Monetization program with YouTube, then the creator still gets the credit.

You gave permission to embed when you enabled it on YouTube

When a creator posts the video there is an option to declare if you want to allow your video to be embedded or not. By Allowing people to share your video, you are allowing them to post you the video on places like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. Also, allowing others to embed the video on their website and email links to others.

It is important to note, that I would not have been able to even grab the video to embed it on the website without getting the code from your video itself.

What does it mean for you that your video is on this website?

Pros – How this is good for the creator of the embedded video?

  • You get more exposure – People on this site will be watching your video.
  • More views – Every time someone hit play or watches your video you get a view with YouTube
  • more shares – When people like your video: they will share it.
  • more subscibers – If they like you; they will subscribe
  • More money – If you participate in the monetization program on YouTube.

Cons – How is allowing others to embed your YouTube video a Problem?

  • There are really not any bad reasons. It is honestly all good for you!
  • However, if I was promoting something bad like guns, drugs, alcohol, and other crazy stuff. Then it could be kind of embarrassing to you because there would be a video of you next to something that is not such a good thing for society. However, I am not doing that. If I was, I would be embarrassing myself too.

How to get your video removed from this website.

I would not imagine why you would want it removed. However, if you do want it removed then go to YouTube. Sign in – go to your channel – click on the Avatar of your channel on the right corner

First – Reach out to me so I can speak with you. I want to make sure you understand the benefits of having your video premiered on this website. Contact Me

How to remove YouTube videos from websites so it can not be embedded.

  1. Sign into YouTube

  2. Click on your avatar on the top right corner

  3. Go to YouTube Studio

  4. On the left menu click on Videos

  5. Select the video that you want to change the embed rules with

  6. Click on the Advanced tab

  7. Go down to the bottom and “unCheck” the box that says “Allow Embedding”

Afterward, the video will show up as a blank box on any website that it was shared on.

Here is an article by Christopher Heng that worded it well.

Here is a direct link to it: https://www.thesitewizard.com/general/embed-youtube-video-copyright-matters.shtml

When owners of videos publish them on YouTube, they are given the option to enable or disable the Share button for their videos. The Share button, when clicked, provides the HTML code that allows others to insert the video into their sites or blog.
In theory, if the owner enables the Share button, it means that they want others to embed the video. For example, thesitewizard.com’s feedback form video tutorial and CSS menu video tutorial have the Share button displayed on their corresponding YouTube video pages, and as such, these videos may be freely embedded in any site.
In practice, however, not all owners seem to know what they’re doing. I recently read a report about the copyright owners of a video trying to sue sites that had embedded their YouTube video. I find this ridiculous, since if they really did not want others to embed the video, they should have disabled the Share button. It seems to me that if you enable the Share button, it means you are implicitly inviting others to put the video on their site.
I have no idea whether their case will be thrown out of court or not. But the fact that such things happen mean that you may need to exercise caution before simply embedding others’ YouTube video, in case you encounter such a clueless video maker. I’m not sure what exactly you can do though, apart from asking the copyright owner for permission (assuming that you can find a way to contact the owner). Of course if the copyright owner, in addition to making the EMBED code available (via the Share button), also states explicitly that you can embed the video on your site.

Written by Christopher Heng