Is Buddy Rich a Banger?

I have to honest about one thing. Before I say it though…

I must say that he is “Buddy Rich” and he deserves the respect that he is, in fact, a great drummer and is also known as one of the greats. But there is one thing that I feel nobody speaks of in the discipline of percussion/drumming. If watch it well and really listen in. Most of it is speed and banging.

Now I am not saying that like a “blind idiot” but Buddy Rich along with many other drummers are missing the color and articulation and expression. Meaning: the solos are fast banging at top speed and with no color and the drums are not saying anything – Not Dancing, Speaking, saying anything, pronouncing anything. (when keeping beat, this is fine) (but for solos, it is poor) An example: When he solos he might play a string of strait 32nd notes as fast as he can and he Kris-crosses his arms to whatever drum is near by. Instead, he should attempt to syncopate it or hit a cymbal after a tom after a snare because it expresses something. Instead he bangs fast and rolls fast. People jump up and scream, wow!

Let’s Imagine this…

Lets imagine a sax player playing a C# over and over really fast, then changing to a D really fast over and over and then to a B over and over. That is what I am trying to say…. The “Saints Go Marching In” on piano as an example, is: C – E – F – G because it is a melody and it expresses something.

Now, there are points in his solo’s where he “will” express something, but it is only about 5% of the time. The rest of the time, it is honestly hard banging as fast as possible. I have this similar feeling with other players too.

A lot of Death Metal, Punk, Blasting beats, even marching bands do it, where the discipline should be considered high. Somehow, somewhere, the world accepted the fact that, Speed and banging loud makes a good drummer.

I Promise I am not a Snob

As some of you may know. I am D. Mark Agostinelli. Obviously I am a professional drummer, and somewhat well-known. So obviously I love the drums. But I find myself in recent years getting very tired of watching other drummers on YouTube. I want to be amazed, or say Wow! I wish I can do that. Instead, I get very tired and bored watching. All I see is Banging and Banging. Some drummers are really fun to watch. Like Tony Royster Jr., or even Thomas Lang are fun to watch.

I guess it is obvious that I would say that because Thomas Lang is an example of what I am trying to say, I guess. He takes clicking of the sticks and puts it along side a strike of a Tom. He creates almost a melodic composition when playing the Drum Set. In my opinion, that should be the direction that drummers should head. Stop banging. – – –

Now I already know that many of you guys will read this and think negative about what I am saying. I ask you to stop for a moment and look into it. Also, I could imagine that many of you may feel that I am wrong because you just don’t understand what I am saying.

What do you think?

Please give me your opinion, Am I right? Am I crazy? Do you feel the same?

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