List of Snare Drum Rudiments that begin with – D

Delayed Double Paradiddle
Delayed Dragadiddle
Delayed Paradiddle
Delayed Paradiddle-diddle
Delayed Triple Paradiddle
Deviled Eggs
Diddle Egg Five
Diddle Herta
Displaced Flamacue
Displaced Flamacue 2
Displaced Flamacue 3
Doctor Rion
Doctoral Thesis
Double Accented Single Flam Drag
Double Drag Tap
Double Dragadiddle
Double Flam Drag
Double Flam Drag Diddle
Double Flam Drag Diddle-diddle
Double Flam Drag Triple Paradiddle
Double Flam-Flam Paradiddle
Double Flamacue
Double Flammed Mill
Double Flammed Swiss Army Triplet
Double Para Flamadiddle
Double Para Swiss Flam Drags
Double Paradiddle
Double Paradiddle Flamacue
Double Paradiddle Flamacue 2
Double Paradiddle-diddle
Double Paradiddle-diddle Nine Stroke Roll
Double Parafladdle-diddle
Double Ratamacue
Double Ratamaflam
Double Stroke Roll
Drag Double Paradiddle
Drag Paradiddle 1
Drag Paradiddle 2
Drag Paradiddle-diddle
Drag Patty
Drag Triple Paradiddle

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