List of Snare Drum Rudiments that begin with – F

Fifteen Stroke Roll
Fifty Five
Five Stroke Diddle Herta
Five Stroke Dragadiddle
Five Stroke Flamtas
Five Stroke Herta
Five Stroke Paradiddle
Five Stroke Paradiddle Herta
Five Stroke Paradiddle Rudy-Mental
Five Stroke Roll
Five Stroke Ruff
Flaflam Drag
Flam Accent
Flam Accent 2
Flam Accent Drag
Flam Accent Roll
Flam Beaters
Flam Beats
Flam Change Ups
Flam Cheese Paradiddle
Flam Devils
Flam Double Paradiddle
Flam Double Paradiddle-diddle
Flam Double Paradiddle-diddle Nine Stroke Roll
Flam Double Parafladdle-diddle
Flam Drag
Flam Drag Chatachichi
Flam Drag Chutichuhs
Flam Drag Double Paradiddle
Flam Drag Double Paradiddle-diddle
Flam Drag Double Parafladdle-diddle
Flam Drag Five Stroke Paradiddle
Flam Drag Flafla
Flam Drag Flamadiddle
Flam Drag Flamafladdle
Flam Drag Paradiddle
Flam Drag Paradiddle-diddle
Flam Drag Parafladdle
Flam Drag Pataflafla-diddle
Flam Drag Quickity Klotz
Flam Drag Single
Flam Drag Triple Paradiddle
Flam Drag-a-poo
Flam Dragadiddle-diddle
Flam Eight Stroke Roll
Flam Eleven Stroke Roll
Flam Eleven Triple Paradiddle
Flam Fifteen Stroke Roll
Flam Five
Flam Five Double Drag Diddle
Flam Five Double Paradiddle
Flam Five Double Paradiddle-diddle
Flam Five Double Parafladdle-diddle
Flam Five Drag Diddle
Flam Five Drag Diddle-diddle
Flam Five Drag Paradiddle
Flam Five Flafla
Flam Five Paradiddle
Flam Five Paradiddle-diddle
Flam Five Patty
Flam Five Quickity Klotz
Flam Five Single
Flam Five Superdiddle
Flam Five Tapafladdle
Flam Five Triple Paradiddle
Flam Flamalet
Flam Four Stroke Roll
Flam Fourteen Stroke Roll
Flam Hertas
Flam Invention 1
Flam Jiggers
Flam Mill Drag
Flam Muppets
Flam Nine Double Paradiddle
Flam Nine Double Paradiddle-diddle
Flam Nine Stroke Roll
Flam Nine Triple Paradiddle
Flam Paradiddle
Flam Paradiddle (variations)
Flam Paradiddle Five
Flam Paradiddle-diddle
Flam Paradiddle-diddle-a
Flam Paradiddle-diddle-diddle
Flam Parafladdle-diddle
Flam Parafladdle-diddle-diddle
Flam Puguda
Flam Roll
Flam Seven Double Paradiddle
Flam Seven Double Paradiddle-diddle
Flam Seven Stroke Roll
Flam Seven Triple Paradiddle
Flam Seven-Ups
Flam Seventeen Stroke Roll
Flam Six Stroke Roll
Flam Sixteen Stroke Roll
Flam Stutters
Flam Tap
Flam Tap Double Paradiddle
Flam Tap Paradiddle
Flam Tap Paradiddle-diddle
Flam Tap Triple Paradiddle
Flam Ten Stroke Roll
Flam Thirteen Stroke Roll
Flam Thirteen Triple Paradiddle
Flam Triple Paradiddle
Flam Triple Stroke Roll
Flam Twelve Stroke Roll
Flam Upbeat Diddles
Flam Upbeat Five
Flam-Flam Flamadiddle
Flam-Flam Tap
Flam-Four Flams
Flam-Single (with Cheese on One)
Flam-Single (with Cheese on Three)
Flama Chuck
Flama Chucka Diddle
Flama Diddle Diddle
Flama Flamacue-Diddle
Flama Flive-a-Tap
Flama Swiss Army Triplet
Flama-Flama-Flam Flam
Flama-Flama-Flam Tap
Flamacue a cue
Flamacue a Diddle
Flamacue a Flafla
Flamacue Drag
Flamacue Five
Flamacue Swiss
Flamadiddle Flam-Flam
Flamill Drags
Flammed 3-2-1
Flammed Alternated Swiss Tap Drag
Flammed Alternating Single Stroke Four
Flammed Alternating Single Stroke Nine
Flammed Alternating Single Stroke Seven
Flammed Alternating Single Stroke Six
Flammed Alternating Single Stroke Three
Flammed Backward-Eggbeaters
Flammed Chinese Fives
Flammed Double Mill
Flammed Doubles
Flammed Eggbeaters
Flammed Five Stroke Paradiddle
Flammed Lesson 25
Flammed Para-pa-diddle
Flammed Ravioli
Flammed Ripits
Flammed Shirley Murphy
Flammed Single Ratamacue
Flammed Single Stroke Four
Flammed Single Stroke Nine
Flammed Single Stroke Seven
Flammed Single Stroke Six
Flammed Single Stroke Three
Flammed Swiss Tap Drag
Flammed Triplets
Flammed Zigiddy Bops
Flim-Swiss Triplet
Flow Five
Four Flam-Flam-Flamadiddle
Four Note Swiss Army Triplet
Four Stroke Cheese Fubars
Four Stroke Flamaruff
Four Stroke Fubars
Four Stroke Roll
Four Stroke Ruff
Four Stroke Ruff Double Paradiddle
Four Stroke Ruff Double Ratamacue
Four Stroke Ruff Inverted Paradiddle
Four Stroke Ruff Paradiddle
Four Stroke Ruff Reverse Paradiddle
Four Stroke Ruff Single Ratamacue
Four Stroke Ruff Triple Paradiddle
Four Stroke Ruff Triple Ratamacue
Four Stroke Ruffadiddle-diddle
Four Stroke Ruffadiddle-Tap
Fourteen Stroke Roll
French Flams
Fubars Fives
Funky Cheese
Funky Cheese Inverts
Fuzz Taps

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