Modern Reading Text in 4/4


This book was written For All Instruments.

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The reason why it claims that it as written for all instruments is because it is a book that is written as a snare drum line.  Meaning that if you were sitting behind a timpani, a Piano, or even a snare drum, you can beat out the rhythm that is presented to you throughout the book.

The book was written by Louis Bellson and edited by Ray Brych. It is a Method or Instruction book that was designed mainly for percussion instruments.  It is best used for the snare drum.

Throughout the book, you are bombarded with 4/4 time signature measures that quickly become very difficult.  Although most drummers believe that 4/4 is an easy time signature and that they do not need any help with it.  You are rapidly proven wrong with this book.  Don’t let the 4/4 fool you! This book is written for an intermediate level player.

The book is 100 pages and takes you through some of the most complicated arrangments for the 4/4 time signature.  When I present this book to my students, it is usually after they have gone through a few other books and they have already had a good understanding of how to play in 4/4.  I then have them go through this book to tie up all of the loose ends.  This will run through everything that has to do with 4/4 time signatures and when my students are finished, we declare that he is a master on 4/4.  Then we move on to other books.

Snare Drum Method. Percussion. Instructional. Instructional book. 100 pages. Alfred Music. Published by Alfred Music.


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