The Triple Paradiddle Drum Rudiment

This is how to play the Triple Paradiddle. D Mark Agostinelli demonstrates how to play the Triple Paradiddle in its simplest form.

The Video explains how to play the 17 Stroke Roll.  This Rudiment is sometimes not considered a rudiment because it goes into the next bar.  Its a pretty long rudiment.  But fun to play. 

The Triple Paradiddle Drum Rudiment is one of the most popular drum rudiments. Watch a video by D Mark Agostinelli, the author of the best seller, “The Drum Rudiment Bible” on how to properly play the Triple Paradiddle Drum Rudiment.

If you are interested in learning about rudiments; then check out this book.  It is the largest collection of drum rudiments inside of a single book.  It has the basic 40 rudiments; plus an additional 460 “Hybrid” rudiments, which are typically overlooked.  Some are easy and others are extremely hard to play.   Even D. Mark Agostinelli himself has difficulty playing some of the extremely advanced rudiments. 

“This is the largest collection of drum rudiments that has ever been compiled in one book. This book includes the original 26 NARD rudiments plus the PAS 14 rudiments and over 460 Hybrid Drum Rudiments. This book will help you if you are a beginner or if you are an advanced player. A lot of the hybrid rudiments are interesting and fun to play! This is a perfect book if you are interested in shaking up your studies if you feel like you have hit a development plateau. There is something for every drummer or percussionist inside of this book. It will help you, if you play any kind of Percussion, because it helps develop coordination and creativity.”Says JazzTown Percussion Publishing House  

The Drum Rudiment Bible: 500 Rudiments Beginner to Advanced; Check out “The Drum Rudiment Bible” on Amazon

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