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Who is Thomas Lang?

Thomas Lang is a Professional drummer that wrote a few books on Percussion and is considered a master at stick control. Read on, to learn more about him.

Who is Thomas Lang?

He was born August 5, 1967 in Stockerau, Austria 25 miles from Vienna.

Lang is known as a great modern drummer, who plays with speed, control, and precision.  He is an effective clinician, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

His parents Kurt and Helga were both musicians.  They were not professionals.  His father played the violin as a child and his mother sang in a local choir.

At the age of 4, Thomas became inspired while watching television; he was impressed by the drummer in a band who was playing a large number of drums.  The drummer seemed to be the boss of the band.

A few days later, at a local church, Thomas saw a drummer performing for the congregation.  He sat right in front of the drum set and was deeply impressed with the sound.  After the performance, he asked his mother to send him for drum lessons.  She enrolled Thomas in the local music school.

Thomas Lang started drum lessons

His first teacher was a classical percussionist for the “Vienna Symphonic Orchestra.”  His name was Johann Hengst.  Johann taught Thomas how to play traditional grip, how to sit, read music and how to practice.  He taught Thomas the technique on the snare drum, and classical instruments like the timpani, marimba and vibraphone.  Thomas Lang continued his lessons with Johann Hengst until his early teenage years.

Thomas Lang began to jam with 50’s and 60’s rock and roll bands.  After playing for 2 years, his band began playing locally.  Lang’s first live gig was with his mother’s choir group, where at the age of 9, he played the bongos instead of the drum set.  When he became 11 or 12 years old, he debuted with the full drum set.

When Thomas became 13 he thought of making drum playing his career.  His teacher told him he could be successful, because of his high level of skill.  Johann hooked Thomas up with a teacher named Walter Grassmann from the “Vienna Konservatorium,” which was the Julliard School of Europe with a classical bent.  He enrolled in the Konservatorium at the age of 15.  He stayed there for 2 years learning how to play classical instruments like the timpani, marimba, vibraphone, snare drum, and mallets.

After Lang left the conservatory, he worked his way through the pop and jazz scene.  In the 1990’s he moved to England.  He taught at the “Musician’s Institute” and the “London School of Music.”  He worked with the “Spice Girls,” “Take That,” “Westlife,” and Kylie Minogue.  Thomas Lang went on to perform at many drum festivals around the world.

Books that Thomas Lang wrote

Thomas lang has written a few books throughout his career. Some of them a really great books. They mostly cover how to do advanced sticking and advanced double bass. If you are interested in learning better stick control and double bass, then I would suggest the following books written by Thomas Lang.

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look inside Thomas Lang – Creative Coordination & Advanced Foot Technique By Thomas Lang. Percussion. Instruction. Softcover with CD. 148 pages. Hudson Music #HDBK09. Published by Hudson Music (HL.6620106).
look inside Thomas Lang – Creative Control Book/CD/DVD Pack. By Thomas Lang. DVD. Instruction. 84 pages. Published by Hudson Music (HL.320683).

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