Triplet Control

Drum method book was written by Joel Rothman in 1969.

Triplet Control by Joel Rothman
Triplet Control by Joel Rothman
What is Triplet Control by Joel Rothman?

Triplet Control by Joel Rothman is a book that is written for percussion. It is written for (1) drum. It could be played on any drum that you want. However, most people would play it on the snare drum. At first glance, the book seems kind of small in size and when you open it up it just looks like the same thing written over and over.

What makes the book unique is when you properly add a bass drum. To properly play this book, you need to add a bass drum on 1-2-3 and 4 or on 1 and 3. The reason why is because the bass drum is what will make it sound like triplets. Otherwise, it will just sound like tapping with no marker to index where the beat starts and begins.

What I think about the book

The book is kind of small. It is only 15 pages long and the printed price on the book is $2.00. Keep in mind though that the book was printed in 1969. I am not sure if that was the price at that time too. However, I do typically realize with these older books that it was the original price from back then. At which, $2.00 in 1969 equals $13.68 in 2019.

Triplet Control, by Joel Rothman - Price - and Publisher info
Triplet Control, by Joel Rothman – Price – and Publisher info

In my opinion, to pay $13.68 for a book that only has 15 pages is certainly not worth it. However, I purchased my copy from Steve Weiss Music about 21 years ago in 1998. I think I only paid about $4 for my copy. Which was not a lot of money even back then. Sometime around 2004 I went back and purchased about 30 copies of the book because I began using them with my students. I found it to be a great book for students that were at an intermediate level.

It is a good book for intermediate level students because it gives them a quick breath of fresh air. Although the book can be used as a beginner level book for triplets. Its best to use the “Around The Drums With Triplets” book, by Paul Capozolli or even better yet use the “Triplets Around the Drum Set”, by D. Mark Agostinelli because it has even more material at the beginner level. The reason why this one is great for the intermediate level drum player is that it is very possible that if you hand them this book. They will be able to sit down with no guidance (except for the fact that they need to use the bass drum) and they will be able to play the book from cover to cover.

They will feel good afterward. that they were able to play an entire book in one sitting. It will probably be the first time that they ever did that. Also, it becomes a great warm-up book. However, if you are being forced to pay more than about $4.00 for this book; then don’t buy it. It is just not worth the money. Get Triplets Around the Drum Set by D. Mark Agostinelli. That book is slowly becoming the new industry standard anyway.

“Triplet Control”, by Joel Rothman is becoming extremely hard to find because it seems like the book is out of print. I would imagine the reason why it is out of print is that it has so few pages and a high cost, that no one purchased the book. I purchased it and found out about it because I collect drum method books and I have been looking at them for years. If you are reading this and you are unable to find the book. Then don’t sweat it. You are not missing anything too fabulous. Joel Rothman wrote other great books too. This book was not one of his best works.

Check out these two books as even better replacements.

Here are some links to the places that I last saw it. Maybe they came back to life!

The Preface for Triplet Control that Joel Rothman wrote


Triplet Control is an exercise book designed to develop technical facility. All the exercises are based upon eighth-note triplets. However, the reader should try to visualize the Sticking patterns as groups of “sixes” rather than as consecutive groups of “threes.”
Though the bass drum part is not indicated, it would be beneficial if the reader played his bass foot on the first & third beats of each measure, rather than on every beat. This will help to ensure that the sticking patterns are played and “felt” as groups of six instead of as groups of three.
The solid straight lines to the right of certain sticking patterns mean: repeat that particular fingering for the subsequent triplet rhythm.
This book can be used by advanced & professional players as well as by beginners. The exercises, if thoroughly practiced, will help the reader gain greater speed, control & flexibility for playing with a band.
Other books by the same author which deal with various aspects of technique are:
Let’s Warm Up, The New Testament of Technique, and Man, It’s Rough!

Joel Rothman, Triplet Control

Inside Triple Control by Joel Rothman

I added a photo below of one of the pages inside the book. This book is rapidly disappearing from the market and is becoming hard to find.

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