What is a virtuoso snare drum player?

What is a virtuoso snare drum player?

A virtuoso snare drum player is a drummer that follows all of the traditional schools of thought. Such as rudimental drumming, Basler Drumming, NARD, PAS, American Rudimental Drumming, Scottish Pipe Band Drumming, or any other. These drummers just pick up the drum sticks and learn as many drum rudiments as possible. Then they have the option to play freely or can play within rigid conditions that are formal and traditional that are usually required to play in a drum corps or drumline.

Furthermore, a virtuoso snare drum player almost always knows how to read music. If they were not able to read, it would typically be pretty hard to learn new rudiments. They would require someone else to show them how to play it because they can not read. Additionally, most drummers that go down this path would rapidly see the value in rudimental drumming. They would learn as many rudiments as possible.

The best book that I know to help with rudimental drumming is “The Drum Rudiment Bible.” It has all of the rudiments known in existence inside on one book. Beautiful Dynasty Snare Drum - Virtuoso Snare Playing with out drum rudiments

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