How to Make Amplifier Class A Stereo 2SC5200 Use Old Computer Power Supply

Hello everyone, in this video, how to create a simple Class A stereo amplifier, using 12V power from the old computer source and all in the power supply box.
Diagram of amplifier assembly circuit you see in the video (or download it in the link in the video description):

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Amplifier Parts:
2SC5200 Transistors x 2
Aluminum heat sink x 1
Insulation pads silicone mica x 2
Heat sink silicone
50K Double potentiometer x 1
2k2 Resistors x 1
680 Ohm / 1W Resistors x 1
220uf / 50v Capacitors x 2
4700uf/ 25v Capacitors x 2
Led color x 1
Old computer power supply
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