Five Drum Setups You SHOULDN’T Copy from The Greats

3 Videos in 3 Weeks –

I get it. Kits in the ’80s looked awesome. Tommy Aldridge. Simon Phillips. Neil Peart. Whether it was sky-high cymbals, subterranean throne heights, or practically-vertical rack toms, drum setups were ludicrous, and we loved it.

But, with advances in ergonomics, and (my theory) more people playing into old-age and paying attention to posture and mechanics, we’re learning that a lot of those crazy, quirky setups of the ’80s…weren’t very good for your body.

How do I know? Even *those guys* don’t play those ridiculous kits anymore.

For five tips to avoid repeating the mistakes of our drum heroes (when they were in their 20s), just watch.