Stick Control

Stick Control For the Snare Drummer - by George Lawrence Stone
Stick Control For the Snare Drummer – by George Lawrence Stone

Written by George Lawrence Stone

This is by far one of the most popular books for drummers. It is a best-seller year after year. I have to be honest; I feel all of the hype on the book is not as worthy as some may think. Although the book is good to have and it is good to run through the entire book, at least once in your life. It is not the holy grail of books for drumming in no way.

When I think of this book, I can compare it to a famous Dr. Seuss book called “Green Eggs and Ham”. Seriously!

It matches this comparison in an almost identical compare.

Allow me to explain;

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss

As we all know, most people will read “Green Eggs and Ham” at least “once” in their life. Just like every drummer would most likely come across “Stick Control” and read it once. But it is not the all heavenly “go-to” source for drumming.

Just like Green Eggs and Ham is super popular. It is the kind of book that will teach you “a little” but exercise you “a lot.” It is designed for students that are somewhat beginner and need to pick up on speed and get used to reading. Just like what “Green Eggs and Ham” is used for. It is designed for young readers to pick up on knowing what the words look like, and understand rhyming and everything that has to go with it. But, in no way, is “Green Eggs and Ham” considered a great work of English literature. There are many other works that exist that would be an example of English literature at its finest. This holds true with “Stick Control”

look inside Stick Control For the Snare Drummer. Composed by George Lawrence Stone. Method/Instruction; Percussion – Snare Drum Method. Book. 48 pages. Alfred Music #00-32749. Published by Alfred Music (AP.32749).

There are many inexperienced percussionists and drummers that have not come across great stuff and they are unaware that there are other tools that exist.

However, don’t assume that I don’t like the book, or that I am shaming the book in any way. In fact, I think it is a pretty good book. However, I also think that “Green Eggs and Ham” is a great book too. I also do not sit on my couch for many hours reading “Green Eggs and Ham”

Many people may not be aware of this, but “Stick Control” is actually a really old book! Not that I am saying that being old is bad. In fact, I typically think of the opposite. But keep in mind that when “Stick Control” was written. It was like the only book of its kind. There was not a lot to choose from at that time.

I was recently speaking with Joel Rothman on the phone. The subject came up about this book. I asked him which books he read when he was a kid. He said “Stick Control”! He also said that thier was not a lot to choose from during that time. So this is why the book is so popular. It stood the test of time, strictly, because it was the first. However, a lot more material has come out over the years. Some of which potentially blow “Stick Control” away! Heck, even Joel Rothman himself has written books far greater than this book. It is just a tradition to read Stick Control.

I feel that this book is good for beginners and also for large drum lines to get into sync together. Other than that, after you are done with the book. Move On!

This book is probably one of the only examples of a book that was over-marketed, over spoken about, and overly emphasized book ever written. Other than it being very popular, there is not much more left to it.

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