Paul Capozzoli

Paul Capozzoli Author Bio Photo
Paul Capozzoli Author Bio Photo

Capozzoli, Paul M.  
May 22, 1929 – May 29, 2019

Author – Percussionist – Drummer – Music Teacher – Drum Method Book Author (Also known as a music engraver)

It is hard to write about Paul Capozzoli and write an About page for him. I am unsure of his birthday and if he is even still alive. If you know more about him. Then please write in the comments below if you know any more information about him. Also, Feel free to contact me on the Contact page on this website on the menu bar above or by emailing me at if you would like to be a writer or contributor on this website. I plan on building onto this page a lot more in the future as I continue doing research about this great author.

About Paul Capozzoli

As I said above, It is very difficult to write about him as an individual, because there is limited data about him on the internet and sources only tend to explain mainly about his work. So this is what I will mainly be covering. He certainly deserves recognition for his contribution to the percussion discipline. His work has a certain style to it that is incredibly easy to read. All of his work was engraved by hand (an engraver is a fancy way of saying a person that can “handwrite” music notation)

During the time that he was writing people did not possess computers that had software that can write music notation in the beautiful maestro fonts that we see today. Writers would typically have to write all the music by hand. It was a skill that was difficult to learn. It is like learning any language and can take years to do well. Paul Capozzoli; pulled it off! And has done it well!

Maestro Notation

Here is an example of what maestro font is bellow. We have all seen it before in our sheet music. Well, Paul Capozzoli used to do all of that by hand,

Example of Maestro Fonts - Agostinelli
Example of Maestro Fonts – Agostinelli

Around the Drums Series – and the Famous Triplet books

Paul is known for writing some great works that are still read until today. Some of which are “Around the Drums with Triplets Book 1 and Book 2. If you want to learn triplets then this is the book that you should get. However, a lot of people do not like the way that the font looks because it is completely handwritten. Some people find this uncomfortable when reading. There is another great book that is developing a lot of traction which is very similar and actually has a lot more material and many more pages of exercises. Its called “Triplets Around the Drum Set” by D. Mark Agostinelli. I am actually the author of this book. I wrote this book because many of my students had a hard time grasping on the handwritten font. So I created this book, using similar techniques as Paul did. However, I added a lot more stuff and created the book to go from easy all the way to very hard.

Paul Capozzoli Passed away on May 29th, 2019

This was published in The Gazette on July 14, 2019

Paul M. Capozzoli, age 90, passed away on Wednesday, the 29th of May in Colorado Springs, Colorado seven days after his birthday, May 22nd. 
Paul had been a resident of Colorado Springs for about 30 years continuing his life long career as a drum instructor and publisher of several series of instructional drum books. “Around the Drums With Triplets”, “Around the Drums With Paradiddles”, “Around the Drums With Rhythm”, “Around the Drums With Open Rolls” and several more are very popular among aspiring drum students and still sold in music stores around the world today. 
Born in 1929 in Carlstadt, New Jersey, he was the second child to Sylvester and Dorothy Capozzoli. Paul and his brother Robert learned to play the drums early in life with Paul continuing to instruct, publish and play in orchestras and bands the rest of his life. He instructed at Meeker Music in Colorado Springs, before retiring due to an aggressive glaucoma condition. He was technically declared blind the last few years of his life…..but put a set of drum pads in front of him and sticks in his hands, and Paul would play for hours, entertaining others with his talents in the nursing homes where he resided… the bitter end. 
Paul was preceded in death by his parents, Sylvester and Dorothy Capozzoli, his brother, Robert and step brother, Fredrick. He is survived by Robert’s wife, Eileen Capozzoli of Hamburg, New Jersey.
Paul will be inurned in the columbarium at Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Friday, July 19, 2019 at 1:00 pm. All friends are welcome to attend the service.
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Paul Capozzoli Bibliography

Here is a list of other books that Paul Capozzoli wrote:

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