The Double Stroke Roll Drum Rudiment

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What is the Double Stroke Roll Drum Rudiment

The Double Stroke Roll Drum Rudiment is one of the most important drum rudiments to learn. It is fundamental in all of the following snare drum rudiments to learn. By perfecting this rudiment, it will eventually get you ready to play all of the roll rudiments including the 5 Stroke, the 6 stroke, all the way up to the 17 Stroke Roll. It is essential that a drummer learns how to play this.

Another important factor is that it helps you learn how to bounce your sticks. At the beginning you should play the rudiment slowly, then, building it up faster and faster. Until you hit a point when your hands can not physically move fast enough to hit two times on one hand. At this point, you will figure out how to “bounce” the stick so it hits the head two times but with only one swing of the hand. You can achieve this by tightening or loosening your fingers. It takes practice, but eventually, you will get the hang of it. The Double Stroke Roll Drum Rudiment - taken from - The Drum Rudiment Bible

Here is a Video about the doubles stroke roll by Dex Star Drummer

The Drum Professor Explains in the Video below how to play the Double Stroke Roll

In this video drum lesson, we teach you how to play the “Double Stroke Roll” drum rudiment on your drum set by breaking it down so it is easy to understand.

Keep Playing – Don’t Give Up!

Keep playing - Don't give up
Keep playing – Don’t give up

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