List of Snare Drum Rudiments

List of Drum Rudiments Plus Hybrid Rudiments
List of Drum Rudiments Plus Hybrid Rudiments

List of Every Rudiments Known in Existence

This is a list of all of the drum rudiments known to date. There are a lot of them and it includes all of the rudiment families, Schools of thought, traditions and also hybrids. It is important to note that sometimes a rudiment may be called one name in one group and a different name in other groups. An example of this is that some people call the double stroke roll a ‘Ma Ma Pa Pa’ others call it the open roll and others just call it a roll. In the list below, it will include all of the names! and not necessarily every rudiment. I did this to make it easy for someone that is trying to look for a rudiment and might not realize that there is a different name for it. So if I wrote an article for it, they would land on the same page. Thus making life easy for everyone.

List of Snare Drum Rudiments that everyone should know

The following list is a list of all of the most important snare drum rudiments to learn first. If you are new to rudiments, then start with this list in the order that it is shown below. After you master this list then move on to the “hybrid” drum rudiments which will open door to a world of extremely complicated and fun rudiments to play.

I Will Be Adding More Rudiments

It takes a lot of work to build this website. I will eventually add more stuff like more videos and snips of sheet music to the list. If you would like to write for this website, feel free to contact me in the contact section of this website. I am desperately looking for writers like yourself.

Follow the Order Below

Learn the rudiments in the following order. (The order is from easiest to hardest)

  • The Single Stroke Roll
  • The Double Stroke Roll
  • The Flam
  • The Drag
  • The 5 Stroke Roll
  • The 6 Stroke Roll
  • The 7 Stroke Roll
  • The 9 Stroke Roll
  • The Single Paradiddle
  • The Double Paradiddle
  • The Triple Paradiddle
  • The Double Drag
  • The Full Drag
  • The Four Stroke Ruff
  • The Single Ratamacue
  • The Double Ratamacue
  • The Triple Ratamacue
  • The Ratatop / The Compound Stroke
  • The 10 Stroke Roll
  • The 11 Stroke Roll
  • The 13 Stroke Roll
  • The 14 Stroke Roll
  • The 15 Stoke Roll
  • The 17 Stroke Roll (Technically a Hybrid Rudiments and the only rudiment that falls into a new measure

Next, the Intermediate Level Drum Rudiments

  • The Alternating 7 Stroke / The Single Stroke 7
  • The Flam Single Paradiddle
  • The Flam Double Paradiddle
  • The Flam Triple Paradiddle
  • The Drag Single Paradiddle
  • The Drag Double Paradiddle
  • The Drag Triple Paradiddle
  • The Single Paradiddle-Diddle
  • The Double Paradiddle-Diddle
  • The Triple Paradiddle-Diddle
  • The Flam Paradiddle-Diddle
  • The Drag Paradiddle #1 Alternating
  • The Drag Paradiddle #2 Alternating
  • The Single Flammed Mill
  • The Inverted Flam Tap
  • The Pataflafla

List of Hybrid Snare Drum Rudiments

From A-Z – Click on the link below to go to the list of hybrid drum rudiments based on the first letter of the Snare Drum Rudiment

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